Bohra Pancake (Malfua)

Bohra pancake-malfua

Malfua originated from India where it is known as malpua Ingredients 1/2 cup semolina If there‚Äôs a little more semolina the crust becomes crispier and crunchier 3/4 cup atta Sugar to taste Soak all in water overnight as in dropping consistency Add egg in the morning   Method: Take a frying pan heat oil in … Read more

3 Easy Strawberry Recipes

3 quick Strawberries Zeenat Iqbal Hussain

Strawberry local production in Pakistan has grown significantly in the last decade. Grown in mid-October, the fruit is usually ready for harvest in January. By mid-February, the harvesting gets in full swing only to end in April. 1. Stewed Strawberry Take strawberries. Cut off the cap and dice them. Then place them in a pan … Read more