About Asaan Recipes


Hi! I’m Tahira, fond of discovering traditional and cross-cultural food recipes for desi food, baking, desserts, and easy snacks in an easy way that encourages my cooking passion.

I’m a self-taught home cook and has a special love for baking since childhood. I grew up in a rural town in Pakistan for the first 23 years and later moved to Saudi Arabia (part UAE) and lived there for 15 years as a typical housewife, stay-at-home mom of two kids (who are still good at keeping me on my toes). My family is the reason I cook every day with variety to meet their taste buds.

I believe delicious food is an integral part of our household, from day to day meals to micro-moments of celebration, love, and even used as a weapon of attraction. We come across various recipes in life, passing them down from generation to generation, coming from other places, and even from other cultures.

Asaan recipes are created to share recipes and experiences.


Desi food (Pakistani Punjabi Taste)

I was born & raised in Pakistan, so obviously you will find a lot of recipes on it.

Baking for Beginners & above

I simply love Baking, as a child always wanted to explore this particular area and especially simplifying it to make it easy and do-able for everybody.

Snacks and Appetizers of the World

While living away from my hometown in Saudi Arabia, my passion to explore cross-cultural food always starts with Snacks and you will find plenty of it around here.

Delicious Desserts Delicacy

Who doesn’t love sweets? apart from my husband, I have not come across anyone yet. And I am super fond of desserts and often use them as praise magnets.

Cross-Cultural & Arabian Food

As we spend most of time in Saudi Arabia and later in UAE so you will find many recipes fusion in this area.

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